K9 Cube Reader + 5 Test Quick P4

K9 Cube Reader + 5 Test Quick P4

K9 Progesterone Number results in 15 min

The K9 Cube Reader is a small, but very sophisticated Canine Progesterone Machine which is programmed by a Lot-specific Calibration Card.

The K9 Cube Reader Machine is the Most economical Progesterone Machine on the Market.

The K9 Cube Reader Machine provides digital numbers comparable in accuracy to any laboratory or other diagnostic Machine.

K9 Cube Reader Features

  • Small 50 uL serum sample used
  • Progesterone Number Result 0 to 40 ng/mL
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Digitally scans Test line intensities
  • Room Temperature stable

All the reagents are on the Test Cassette, simply add 50 µL of Canine Serum to the dilution vial, and add 100 µL of this diluted sample to the cassette.

√ The K9 Cube Reader digitally scans the Test and Control lines on the Test Cassette multiple times using its internal lighting and sensors in order to get accurate results.

√ Using the Test line intensities and the mathematical information on the Calibration card, the Cube Reader calculates and displays the progesterone concentration of the sample in ng/mL.

√ The Cube Reader times the reaction for 15 minutes and displays & saves the LAST Reading.

Customer Reviews:

“ I’ve been using Targetvet progesterone kits for over 3 years.  I absolutely LOVE the K9 Quick P4 kits because of its ease of use and results in a little over 15 minutes.  It is wonderful to get a numeric progesterone level so that I can optimize the timing for breeding, most of which is done by AI.” ~ Kellie Henninger, Triple Creek Goldendoodles




Package includes Pipetter for adding 50 µL. sample, the tips, dilution vials, test cassettes.

Cube Reader, one set of three (3) CR 2032 lithium 3V batteries,  and a USB-power cable.

  • Weight 1.42 oz
  • 1.5 X 1.5 X 1.5 inches