Horse Infection Detection & Health Screening

Serum Amyloid A (SAA)

Minutes Matter.
Detect Infection & Inflammation Earlier
Than Other Blood Tests.

Infection & Inflammation Detection

Don’t be left in the dark. Detect infection faster than other blood tests with SAA (Serum Amyloid A) testing. Inflammation won’t have time to hinder muscle regeneration or impact performance. Faster treatment. Less severe infection. Earlier recovery. In three simple steps and 10 min, you determine if your horse has an active inflammatory condition.


  • 10 minute number results with optional optical Cube reader
  • On-site testing
  • Result lines are visible to the eye
  • Room temperature stable
  • Long shelf life stability
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Health Screening

Screenings are medical tests that doctors use to check for diseases and health conditions before there are any signs or symptoms. Screenings help find problems early on, when they may be easier to treat. Getting recommended screening tests is one of the most important things you can do for your health.


Monitoring health status before performance or after transport. Nearly every horse owner has trailered a horse from point A to point B. Many horse owners do it on a regular basis, going to competitions, rodeos, or rides every other weekend or so. We make sure the vents in the trailer are adjusted properly to account for the outside weather. We protect our horses’ legs, hooves, heads (and sometimes other parts of their bodies) so they don’t get banged up. We drive carefully around corners, and avoid potholes and quick stops and starts. We give them a bit of hay to keep them occupied and happy, throw some straw under them to help with clean-up, and check on them when traveling several hours.


Training horse either for riding, racing or transportation. There can be some wear and tare on the horse while training and before racing or riding events it should be important to check for the health of the horse.

New Foals

Early assessment of foal health. The new foal could take some energy or the mare or when it was giving birth it could have gotten some infection.

Monitor Antibiotic Treatment RX

Monitor SAA level to determine antibiotic effectiveness.

Equichek™ - SAA Visual, or

Concentration Range 0-200 ug/mL

SAA-Chek™-SAA Quantitative with Cube to get a Concentration Number 10 to 6000 ug/mL