Quick P4 Equine Progesterone

On-Site Progesterone Number In Minutes.
Know When The CL Is Active.

Breed with Confidence

Learn about the mare and her cycle with an economical, easy-to-use progesterone test. Unsuccessful breeding? Rebreed sooner with early pregnancy detection. Discover if costly regumate therapy is necessary.


  • Cube Reader can be used with the Immuno-Chek G and Equichek-SAA kits to get a number result!
  • 10-minute number results with optical cube reader
  • On-site testing
  • Result lines are visible to the eye for easy checking
  • Room temperature stable
  • Long shelf life stability


Determination of progesterone is very important in many aspects of a mare’s reproductive cycle – in maintaining pregnancy, determining where the mare is in the cycle, embryo viability … and more.

Because of the delay and difficulty in getting accurate progesterone results from a laboratory, equine practitioners have used extensive progesterone supplementation rather than planning actions based on knowledge of actual progesterone levels present.

  • Progesterone Number Result developed for fresh Equine sera
  • Avoid Excess Regumate Supplementation
  • Supplement Regumate based on Knowing Progesterone Present
progesterone cycle chart

Interpretation and Accuracy with Cube Reader

  • Calculation is the result of multiple photos (data points).
  • Both Test and Control Lines are used in the interpolation of the stored Standard Curve.
  • The darkest part of Test & Control Lines are used in Calculation with background correction.


Table 1. Quick P4 vs. Lab Results for Pregnant Mares

Table 2. Quick P4 vs. Lab Results for Non-Pregnant Mares

Lateral Flow Quick P4 Lab Results Horse ID Comments
1.1 0.6 866 Not Pregnant
5.6 11.3 Y46 Not Pregnant
2.5 0.2 Vodlka Not Pregnant
0.2 0.5 32 Foaled 3 days ago
  • Lateral Flow test has 2 specific Monoclonal antibodies to bind P4 in a sandwich assay.
  • RIA Lab tests use a single polyclonal antibody to bind P4 - in competitive assay - this results in less specific binding
  • RIA lab results may give higher progesterone values which include both progesterone and progesterone metabolites.