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Now test with just one drop of plasma.

Employ our economical and easy to use Quick P4 Equine Progesterone™ test kit to determine where the mare is in her progesterone cycle. Our Equine Cube Reader generates a numerical progesterone measure in minutes which can confirm if costly Regu-Mate® therapy remains necessary. In the event of an unsuccessful breeding, our kit will allow you to rebreed sooner by detecting pregnancy earlier.

TargetVet Equine progesterone testing


Our diagnostic products provide important data on the equine reproductive cycle including:

  • Our Equine Cube Reader can be used with Immuno-Chek G kits to get numerical test results in just 10 minutes.
  • Easy to use, on-site testing.
  • Result lines are visible to the eye for easy checking.
  • Our test kits are stable at room temperature and have long shelf life.

Why Progesterone?

Progesterone levels are key to determining many aspects of a mare’s reproductive cycle such as what stage the mare is in the cycle, pregnancy diagnosis, embryo viability, and more. Because of the time required and difficulty in getting accurate progesterone results from a laboratory, equine practitioners typically resort to extensive progesterone supplementation rather than planning actions based on knowledge of actual progesterone levels present.

  • Numerical progesterone result developed for fresh equine plasma or whole blood.
  • Avoid excess Regu-Mate® supplementation.
  • Supplement Regu-Mate® with respect to known progesterone level.

Why Progesterone?

Interpretation and accuracy with the Cube Reader.

Interpretation and Accuracy with Cube Reader
The calculation is the result of multiple photos (data points). Both test and control lines are used in the interpolation of the stored Standard Curve. The darkest part of the test and control lines are used in calculation with background correction.

Table 1. Quick P4 vs. lab results for pregnant mares.

Lateral Flow
Quick P4 (ng/ml)
RIA Cornell Lab
Horse ID Days Pregnant Owner Action
8.6 6.5 5.5 "Cat" 95
6.4 6.0 5.5 "Remedy" 24
5.7 8.8 66 31 No supplementation
3.3 8.7 6.5 90 48 No supplementation
15.0 4.8 4.5 21 250 No supplementation
9.6 30.8 25.2 102 137 No supplementation
3.7 < 0.06 "Martha" 244 No supplementation
(lab is wrong, mare is pregnant)
4.6 5.7 88 282 Regu-Mate®
4.0 3.9 110 310 Regu-Mate®
3.2 7.1 115 249 Regu-Mate®
9.3 16.6 18.7 82 66 Regu-Mate® + P4 Oil
5.5 9.7 8.8 54 31 Regu-Mate® + P4 Oil
4.7 5.3 105 190 Regu-Mate® + P4 Oil

Table 2. Quick P4 vs. lab results for non-pregnant mares.

Lateral Flow
Quick P4 (ng/ml)
Horse ID Reproductive Status
1.1 0.6 866 Not Pregnant
5.6 11.3 Y46 Not Pregnant
2.5 0.2 "Vodka" Not Pregnant
0.2 0.5 32 Foaled 3 days prior


  • Lateral flow test has 2 specific monoclonal antibodies to bind P4 in a sandwich assay.
  • RIA lab tests use a single polyclonal antibody to bind P4 - in competitive assay - this results in less specific binding
  • RIA lab results may give higher progesterone values which include both progesterone and progesterone metabolites.

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