Cube Readers

Equine Cube Reader + 3 IgG 10 kit + Adapter

IgG, SAA (Serum Amyloid A), or Progesterone Number Results in minutes


K9 Cube Reader + 5 Test Quick P4 + Adapter

K9 Progesterone Number results in 15 min


Cube Reader

Standalone Diagnostic Cube Reader

Equine/Camelid Adapter

Adapter to read Equine and Camelid test cassettes with Cube Reader

Canine Adapter

Adapter to read Canine test cassettes with Cube Reader

Cube Power Cable

Specialty Cable to Convert 120V AC to DC Power - for Cold environments or High Volume Use

Cube Reader Battery Refill - CR2032

3 pack of CR2032 batteries for Diagnostic Cube Reader

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