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Canine ovulation timing test.

The Target Progesterone test allows for easy on-site testing with accurate visual results produced within minutes. Key benefits are:

  • See results in just 9 minutes.
  • On-site testing.
  • One year shelf-life.
  • Lower costs.
  • Superior filter format.
Target's superior test cup technology

Target test cup technology.

Target’s vertical filter design allows for efficient washing of all unwanted blood components. As a result, the color produced is accurately related only to the progesterone in the serum sample.

Canine progesterone basics.

Canine progesterone basics

Predicting ovulation is done by accurately detecting the initial rise in progesterone (from C1 to C2). Ovulation usually occurs 2 days after the initial rise in progesterone (from C2 to C3). The most fertile time to breed is 2 to 4 days after ovulation (C4).

To time C-section or whelping, test progesterone starting 58 - 60 days after first breeding (average gestation is 63 days). A drop in progesterone to < 2 ng/mL (from C4 to dark C2 or C1) indicates whelping will occur within 24 - 36 hours.

Intended for veterinary use only. Not for human use.

Target canine test results interpretation.

Result Photo Color Progesterone ng/ml Recommendation
cup 1 Bright Blue C1 0-1 Retest every two days until a C1 light blue (C2) is obtained.
cup 2 Light Blue C2 1 - 2.5

Retest every day until a C2 faint blue (C3) is obtained.

Plan to inseminate in 3-6 days.

cup 3 Faint Blue C3 2.5 - 8

Repeat test daily.

Breed or inseminate in approximately 1-3 days.

cup 4 White > 8

Mate or inseminate immediately.

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