Canine pregnancy testing.

Puppies on the way? Find out sooner with Relaxin Pro.

Is your dog really pregnant? Know early with our easy to use and accurate Relaxin Pro testing kit. Key benefits are:

  • On-site testing that is reliable and specific.
  • Detect canine pregnancy earlier with accurate results produced in just minutes.
  • Lower costs with room temperature storage with one year of shelf life.
  • Get a head start on nutritional supplements.
  • Determine loss of pregnancy.
Running a Relaxin Pro test

Run a Relaxin Pro test

  • Step 1: Collect blood sample in a green top tube included in kit. Follow instructions.
  • Step 2: Add 2 drops of plasma to cassette.
  • Step 3: Wait 10-15 minutes then take photo.

Presence of 2 lines indicates pregnancy (including a very faint test line which is also positive for pregnancy). Control line must always be present to indicate a valid test.

The science behind Relaxin Pro

Relaxin is a hormone which is produced by the corpus luteum when the fertilized egg implants. Relaxin Pro is a reliable and specific test for pregnancy diagnosis. Testing can be done ~21 days after breeding.

Running a Relaxin Pro test

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