Relaxin Pro Kit (2 Test)

Relaxin Pro Kit (2 Test)

2 or 5 Tests per Kit for Canine Pregnancy - Test 20+ days Post Breeding


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Relaxin is a hormone which is produced by the corpus luteum when the

fertilized egg implants.

√ Canine Relaxin is a 10 minute blood test-detects pregnancy in bitch.

√ Test bitch starting at ~ 21 days post breeding

Visual results in 10 minutes

√ 1+ yr shelf life

√ Room Temperature storage

The presence of two lines indicates pregnancy.

(Test line may be very faint compared to Control line.)

A control line must always be present in a properly functioning cassette.

(If the control line is absent, the result is not valid.)

Intended for veterinary use only.

BioMetallics liability is limited to the value of the kit.



Kit Contents

2 or 5 test cassettes including sample pipettes.

2 or 5 blood collection tubes.