• Immuno-Chek GTM

    Stay vigilant. Quickly identify immunodeficient foals.

  • SAA-ChekTM

    Don’t be caught off guard. Detect infection faster than other blood tests.

  • Equine Quick P4TM

    New and now available

    Get Equine Progesterone numbers using just one drop of plasma.

  • K9 Quick P4TM

    New and now available

    Breed With Confidence. Our K9 Progesterone Cube Reader provides results in minutes.

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Our research team employs leading-edge science, technology, and visible detection methods to develop advanced reproductive and health diagnostic testing kits. We care about the health and well-being of animals and strive to create diagnostic testing tools that are easy to use and generate accurate test results quickly so that you can make the most informed decisions for the care of your animals.

TargetVet diagnostic testing and products for animals

TargetVet Diagnostic Products

Diagnostic products.

Our suite of equine and canine diagnostic products focuses on easy to use testing across the reproductive cycle from breeding to birth. Our Cube Readers are small electronic diagnostic devices used in concert with our testing kits to report accurate numerical test results in 10-15 minutes (saving the last reading for later reference as needed).

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Our diagnostic products provide important data on the equine reproductive cycle including:

  • Progesterone testing to determine sufficient levels for maintaining pregnancy.
  • IgG testing of newborn foals to detect possible immunodeficiency.
  • SAA (Serum Amyloid A) testing for early detection of infection with the goal of initiating immediate treatment to improve the recovery outcome.
  • Equine Cube Reader in combination with our testing kits reports accurate progesterone, IgG, and SAA results in minutes.

Equine Testing

Canine Testing


Our testing products help you improve your success from breeding to birth:

  • On-site progesterone testing is used to accurately predict ovulation and target optimal breeding dates.
  • Monitor the drop in progesterone levels in order to time whelping or a C-section.
  • Our easy-to-use Relaxin Pro test helps you determine pregnancy earlier with accurate results produced on-site in minutes.
  • Our Brucella test kit helps to avoid infertility or abortion by detecting brucellosis early enough for antibiotic treatment to be immediately initiated.

Canine Testing

Client testimonials.

Laura Young, General Manager, Southwind Farms

Laura Young

CVT, C/O General Manager
Southwind Farms

TargetVet Equine test kits are easy to use, cost effective, and give results in 10 minutes instead of 24 hours for lab results. These stall-side test kits save us thousands of dollars annually, enabling immediate treatment, saving lives and speeding recovery in our 100-horse facility.

Dr. Rodney Belgrave, DVM, Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

Dr. Rodney Belgrave, DVM

Director of Internal Medicine
Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

We have been successfully using the Immuno-Chek G kits for several years with accurate number results.

Dr. Rodney Belgrave, DVM, Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

Amanda N. Bradbery, PhD

Assistant Professor Equine Science
Department of Animal Science and Range Science, Montana State University

The Immuno-Chek G Foal IgG test kits with the cube reader worked incredibly well for our herd at the Montana State University (2023) and for teaching students.

Dr. Rodney Belgrave, DVM, Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

Kellie Henninger

Triple Creek Ranch Goldendoodles
Waynesville, Ohio

I’ve been using TargetVet's lateral flow progesterone kits for over 3 years. I absolutely LOVE the K9 Quick P4 kits because of its ease of use and results in a little over 15 minutes. It is wonderful to get a numeric progesterone level so that I can optimize the timing for breeding, most of which is done by AI.

Dr. Rodney Belgrave, DVM, Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

Larry Snyder, DVM

University Veterinary Care Center
Topeka, Kansas

TARGET is the only progesterone test kit we use. It is accurate and convenient.

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