Canine Target Progesterone Kit (6 Test)

Canine Target Progesterone Kit (6 Test)

- Visual Results in 9 min, 6 or 12 Test Kit

Target Canine Progesterone

Accurate Semi-Quant Visual Results in 9 Minutes

Target Kit is a Proven Winner - the Original Progesterone test

- sold Worldwide 20+ yrs  


  •   Very Reliable, Easy to Use  
  •   Color results from Dark Blue to White - re Color Chart
  •   Accurately detects Ovulation (initial Rise in Progesterone)
  •   Monitor Reverse Progesterone (drop in progesterone) to accurately time C-section
  •   1 yr Shelf life - Refrigerate upon receipt (in order to have 1 yr shelf life)
  •   Very Stable,  shipped without Ice or Styrofoam packaging (Environmentally Friendly)
  •   Based on ELISA  & FILTER principles, sample / reagents filter thru Highly Specific antibody on cup

Intended for veterinary use only. Not for human use.



Kit Contents

6 or 12 test cups

2 Wash solutions


Substrate A & B

mix bottle & sample pipettes

*Does not include blood collection tubes, syringes, or needles