SAA-Chek (QNT) Kit (5 Test)

SAA-Chek (QNT) Kit (5 Test)

5, 10, or 15 Test Kit - Quantitative SAA (Serum Amyloid A) with Cube Reader

Equine SAA-Chek is a rapid whole blood test to measure Serum Amyloid A (SAA) levels quantitatively in 10 minutes using a Cube Reader and Calibration Card.

SAA is produced when there is inflammation or infection.

SAA levels in the blood rise faster than other indicators & provide early warning to prevent more serious illness.

√ Number Results in 10 Minutes with 10 μL whole blood

√ Room Temperature Stable

√ 2 yr Shelf Life

√ SAA levels 0 - 9,000 μg/ml

Often there are no Visible Signs (No fever, or high white blood cell count).

SAA levels fall quickly in response to treatment.

Thus, SAA levels can be used to monitor success of treatment.

√ Monitor SAA levels in Newborn foals

√ Monitor SAA levels before competition

√ Monitor SAA levels after shipping

√ Monitor SAA levels during treatment



Kit Contents

RFID Calibration card

5, 10, or 15 Test Cassettes

5, 10, or 15 Dilution bottles

5, 10, or 15 Pipette Tips

5, 10, or 15 big pipettes

Needed but sold separately 10 uL pipetter