K9 Quick P4 Progesterone Refill Kit (5 Test)

K9 Quick P4 Progesterone Refill Kit (5 Test)

5 or 10 Test Kit - Quantitative Progesterone with Cube Reader (purchased previously)

K9 Quick P4 Progesterone Refill Kit

Determination of progesterone is very important in the Canine reproductive cycle in deciding when to breed or when to do a C-section.

Canine cycles are variable, progesterone can rise slowly or very quickly (weekends or holidays included). Physical signs can be misleading. For all of these reasons, measuring progesterone on-site is the best alternative.

The Cube Reader Machine is programmed with Calibration Card specific for every kit.

Together with the Test Cassettes, the Cube Reader Machine provides digital numbers comparable in accuracy to any laboratory or other diagnostic Machine.

√ Progesterone Numbers (ng/mL) for Canine Sera in 15 minutes.

√ Progesterone Number Range 0-40 ng/mL

√ Room Temperature Stable

√ Shelf Life 1-2 yrs

√ Determine Canine ovulation or accurate C-Section timing



Kit Contents

5 or 10 cassettes

5 or 10 Dilution bottles

1 Push Buffer

5 or 10 pipettes

Calibration Card