Blood Collection Tube Plasma (6 pack)

Blood Collection Tube Plasma (6 pack)

6 or 12 pack with Silicon bead to help Clotting


Contains Heparin

The Blood Collection Tubes, 1.3 ml

have a silicon bead coated with Lithium Heparin to help in clotting.  The clear sample obtained when using this tube is “Plasma”.  

For the Target Canine Ovulation test either Plasma Samples or Sera Samples (collected using plain Red Tubes)  may be used for testing.

Separation of Canine Plasma by allowing a tube containing sample to stand upright at room temperature may take several hours.

√   Therefore, Centrifugation of the Sample in a Centrifuge , 2500 rpm for 10 min, is recommended.

An economical Centrifuge 800-1 is recommended and can be purchased online on Ebay or Amazon.

√ Use of this SMALL 1.3 ml size blood collection tube makes sample separation and transfer easier for small samples. 

Because the tubes are small, two tubes can be stacked on top of one another during centrifugation. Used sample tubes can be saved and used as the spacer tubes.