Immuno-Chek G Camelid (5 Test)

Immuno-Chek G Camelid (5 Test)

5 or 10 Test Kit - Quantitative IgG when used with Cube Reader


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Immuno-Chek G Calf and Cria IgG

IgG levels of all calves or crias should be measured after first suckling ( ~12 hours old) in order to supplement if needed. 

Up to 40% of newborn calves and cria experience a partial or total failure of passive transfer of IgG as a result of premature lactation, deficient suckling, malabsorption or low IgG levels in the camel's or llama’s colostrum. 

  • Results in 10 minutes
  • No Refrigeration (Environmentally friendly)
  • 2+ yr Shelf Life
  • 100% Specificity, Sensitivity for Camelid IgG

Quantitative when used with Cube Reader.

(The same Equine Cube Reader can be used for Camelid tests.)



Kit Contents

5 or 10 Immuno-chek IgG cassettes,

5 or 10 Dilution bottles,

1 Push Buffer bottle

5 or 10 Pipette tips.