Healthy foals are priceless.

Quickly identify immunodeficient foals with IgG testing.

Armed with no antibodies, foals are naturally at risk for infection and disease. Immunoglobulin (IgG) testing is used to quickly and accurately detect low IgG levels in order to immediately begin treatment of immunodeficient foals before serious complications arise. TargetVet's Immuno-Chek G testing is more sensitive and accurate than SNAP testing and results are easier to read.

Foal immunoglobin (IgG) testing


Our diagnostic products provide important data on the equine reproductive cycle including:

  • Test on-site and get results in ten minutes.
  • Tests are easy to use and interpret.
  • Test IgG and treat low levels immediately.
  • No refrigeration required.
  • Tests remain accurate and reliable over their long shelf life (2+ years).

Immuno-Chek G vs. SNAP Foal IgG

Foal ID Cube Reader
Immuno-Chek G
Lateral Flow
Immuno-Chek G
Lateral Flow
ELISA Protocol
Lab Densimeter
M20 1003 > 800 > 800
Std 400 404 400 < 400 400
Std 200 219 200 < 400 200
Std 500 506 400 < 400 500
Std 700 712 400 - 800 > 800 700
S48 110 200 < 400 150


  • Immuno-Chek G has better sensitivity than SNAP.
  • SNAP does not give accurate results on samples between 400 - 800 mg/dl.
  • SNAP results are difficult to read.

How to run an IgG test.

A. Obtain blood sample and run IgG test.

Step 1

Add 10 µL whole blood (or 5µL sera) to a dilution bottle and mix.

Step 2

With new tip add 10 µL from the diluted sample in the dilution bottle to the cassette.

Step 3

Add 3 drops from buffer B bottle.

Step 4

Wait 10 minutes.

B. Examine IgG test results.


Cassette Visual result

By examining the line intensities one can determine the need for supplementation. When test line intensity is much greater than control line intensity, this indicates a very good transfer (> 800 mg/dl). When the test and control lines have similar intensities, this indicates a partial failure (400 mg/dl). A weak test line compared to the control line indicates a total failure (200 mg/dl).


Cube reader result

The Equine Cube Reader generates a numerical value result (in mg/dl) by interpreting the line intensities based on an internal standard curve.

Visual result examples for Immuno-Chek G vs. SNAP.

IgG visual results examples

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