Equine Progesterone, IgG and SAA Testing

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Secure the foal you’ve been waiting for!

Use progesterone to learn where the mare is in her cycle to know when to breed.

Use a simple test after birth to protect your newborn foal by testing for passive transfer of IgG (needs adequate levels > 800 mg/dL).

Maintain your horse’s health with early infection detection with SAA testing.

The cube machine reader gives exact progesterone, IgG and SAA number results.

Improve your chances. Test your horse.

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Equine Progesterone Monitoring
Foal IgG Monitoring
EquiChek SAA
Serum Amyloid A
Equine Infection Detection
" TargetVet Equine test kits are easy to use, cost effective, and give results in 10 minutes instead of 24 hours for lab results. These stall-side test kits save us thousands of dollars annually, enabling immediate treatment, saving lives & speeding recovery in our 100 horse facility. "

- Laura Young, CVT, C/O General Manager Southwind Farms